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Explanation of Paramedic Technique:

Barry Nickelsberg has been called, "The Patch Adams of Paramedics" time and again.

Barry's experience with pre-hospital emergecny medicine has taught him that most patients are scared and this exaserbates their situation.  When patients call for an ambulance, they have often just been in a car wreck, or suddenly have difficulty breathing, are having chest pain or in some other way are having a medical emergency.

Over the years, Barry has found that incorporating some light-hearted humor, singing, wearing a clown nose and/or incorporating close-up magic, helps to distract patients from all that is happening around them at that moment.  These "distracting techniques" are not appropirate with every patient but when they can be incorporated into the total care, allow patients to focus more on Barry and less on their pain.

Barry asks himself, "If a paramedic were taking care of my mother, daughter, wife, or best friend, in addition to providing the best possible medical care, what would I want that medic to do?"  This human, caring aspect of the paramedic is every bit as important as the technical skill.

The following will provide you with a more complete picture of Barry Nickelsberg, Paramedic.  All articles are in PDF format.

Spartanburg Journal feature story

Barry's EMS Resume

Book Review 

National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians

Westview-Fairforest Fire Department, Spartanburg, SC

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Barry is currently a paramedic with Rural-Metro Ambulance


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