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As Executive Director of Development, Public Relations and Marketing for the Washington County Health System in Hagertwon, Maryland, Barry Nickelsberg hosted a 30 minute, bi-weekly radio show entitled, Health Matters."  To listen to one of those shows, plese go to:

The following is a sampling of those shows.   Copies are available @ $20 through Barry Nickelsberg.

   Title of Show                                                Guest(s)

• Teen Pregnancy                                             Four teen mothers

• Healthcare Cost Containment                 Ray Grahe, CFO, Wash County Hospital

• Understanding Depression                       Joseph Jurand, MD, Psychiatrist

• Raising Teenagers                                        Joseph Jurand, MD, Psychiatrist

• Working Through Divorce                       Joseph Jurand, MD, Psychiatrist

• The Nursing Shortage                                 Mary Towe, Exec. Nursing, Wash Co. Hos.

• Safe Kids                                                           Charles Stanford, Maryland State Trooper

• Preparing for Bioterrorism                      John Newby, MD, Pathologist

• Foster Care                                                      Dick Snyder, Wash Co. Dept of Health

• Obesity                                                              Tammy Thorton, Dietician

• Eating Disorders                                           Patient fighting anorexia

• Irritable Bowel Syndrome                        Mary Money, MD, IBS Researcher

• Alzheimer’s disease                                      Matthew Wagner, MD, Alzheimer Spec.

• Domestic Violence                                       Vicki Sadehvandi, Dir. Safe House

• Hormone Replacement Therapy           David Soleberg, MD, OB/GYN

• Women and Depression                             Jeff O’Neill, Director, Behavioral Health

• Mammography                                               Carrie Hesley, MD, Radiologist

• Sleep Disorders                                              Shaheen Iqbal, MD, Neurologist

• Infectious Diseases                                       Dino Delaportas, MD, ID Specialist

• EMS in Crisis                                                   Joe Krobeth, III, EMS Dir. Wash Co, MD

• New Year’s Resolutions                              Stacy Black and Rev. Cherie Baker

• Smallpox Vaccine                                          Robert Brooks, MD and Wm. Chistoffel

• Building a new Reg Medical Center       James Hamill, CEO, Wash. Co. Hosp.

• Understanding Chiropractic                    Mark Freimuth, DC

• Coping with Death and Dying                   Joseph Jurand, MD, Psychiatrist

• Seasonal Allergies                                          Nicholas Orfan, MD, Allergist

• West Nile, Lyme and SARS                       John Newby, MD, Pathologist

• Crisis in Geriatric Healthcare                   Cynthia Kuttner-Sands, MD, Geriatrician

• Multiple Personality Disorders               Joseph Jurand, MD, Psychiatrist

• Att Deficit Hyper-Activity Disorder     Douglas Becker, MD, Psychiatrist

• Prostate Cancer                                              Hugh Talton, MD, Urologist

• Colon Cancer                                                   James Cremins, MD, Gastroenterologist

• Substance Abuse Treatments                  Joseph Jurand, MD, Psychiatrist

• Emergency Dept Overcrowding             Thomas Gilbert, DO, ED Physician

• Migraines                                                          Merullah Kahn, MD, Neurologist

• Patient's Rights (HIPPA)                           Michael Schaefer, Esq.

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