The following are documents written by Barry Nickelsberg.  You are welcome to use these as drafts as guides for your own use provided that you seek legal counsel prior to submission to state or federal agencies.

Blank Articles of Incorporation

Blank Bylaws

Policy for Accepting Gifts of Real Estate

Charitable Gift Annuity Policy

Gift Acceptance Policy

Life Insurance Acceptance Policy

Non-Cash Gift Policy

For those with questions about proposal preparation, the following excerpts from The Funding Manual may prove helpful.

Proposal Checklist

Writing the Prospectus

Preparing the Budget

Many people have fundable ideas but do not have an orgnization with tax-exempt status.  Here is the way to set up a Pass Through Agency to accept the funds on your behalf.

The Pass Through Agency

When it comes time to meet with representatives of potential funding sources, people often freeze.  Here's an article on what you can expect so you can be better prepared.

Things to Remember when Meeting Potential Funding Sources