One of Barry Nickelsberg’s earliest memories was as a young child and a friend asked, “If I cut you to the bone, what will I find?” Without a moment’s hesitation, Barry responded, “A teacher.” Years later, Barry says, “When I teach, time stands still.” No matter what he’s teaching, the constant refrain from students is, “You made it fun to learn, kept my attention and inspired me. You are a great teacher.”


Barry has taught hundreds of fundraising classes worldwide. Some of these classes lasted a few hours and many up to three days. Fundraising workshops included staff training and others included Board development. The goal is not just to education but to empower and remarks from former students suggest that this goal has been met time and again.

In addition to individual classes on everything from the fundamentals of fundraising to the intricacies of planned giving, from 1982-1995, Barry taught Proposal Preparation and Advanced Proposal Preparation at The George Washington University School of Continuing Education in Washington, DC.

American Sign Language

Barry has taught dozens of classes in American Sign Language. Most of these classes last 10 weeks and take hearing people from not knowing any signs to being able to effectively communicate with the Deaf.  From Virginia and Maine to Maryland and South Carolina, wherever he has lived, he has found the time to teach sign language.

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In the summer of 2000, Barry conducted a weeklong class for Portland State University in Oregon. The class was designed for sign language interpreters who wanted to learn how to interpret the performing arts. Students, already skilled interpreters, came from throughout the United States and completed the program ready to interpret everything from various genres of music to Shakespeare and poetry.

During the 2005-06 school year, Barry was a volunteer tutor at the South Carolina School for the Deaf and the Blind. Every Wednesday evening, for two hours, Barry would help those high school students who needed it most to better understand vocabulary, grammar, history and math. By the end of the school year, word had circulated throughout the campus that Barry was a patient, caring tutor and students, who were not failing courses, came on their own for help in one subject or another.

Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine

Barry taught EMT-Basic classes in Maine and has taught everything from advanced cardiology to endocrinology in individual classes throughout the US. He has been teaching CPR to the general public and Advanced Cardiac Life Support to EMTs since 1994 and continues to stay current on the latest trends and techniques. As a Paramedic Preceptor, Barry teaches paramedic students not only the technical aspects of working with patients but also the human factor, which is not often taught in the classroom.