•  “You are as much a philanthropic philosopher as you are a fundraiser extraordinaire.  You brought us all together.  We no longer feel alone in the world.  Your vision made it possible.” -2006 Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Dr. Mohammed Yunus, President, Grameen Bank, Bangladesh
  • “You successfully conceived, managed and completed the largest private sector fundraising campaign in Mexico’s history.” -Dr. Raphael Rangel, President, ITESM, Monterrey, Mexico
  • "How did you do it?  You found sources we never knew existed, opened the doors, helped us every step of the way and now, we finally have the resources we need."  -Dr. Dorothy Height, President, National Council of Negro Women
  • "Thank you for the excellent work you have done for our Piedmont Chapter of the AFP. You have kept us informed through faithful communication, conducted productive and regularly scheduled meetings, and produced excellent conferences for the profession." -Patricia H. McAbee, Vice President, Custom Development Solutions (CDS), Greenville, SC

  • “You helped our Board understand how to see the future and then, how to help raise money.  I think you just accomplished the impossible.” -Judy Brophy, Executive Director, Choral Arts Society of Washington

  •  “Thanks to you, we raised more money in one year than we have in the past 10 years combined.” -Kirk Bauer, J.D., Executive Director, Disabled Sports/USA

Sign Language Artist
  • "One thing that amazed me was watching how much you added to the concert....watching you gave more of a sense of the emotion involved in the songs. You were truly wonderful.... It was just Magic!!!"  - Irene, Indianapolis

  • “Thank you for giving the gift of music.  You brought it to life for me for the first time since I was seven years old, when I lost my hearing.  No words can express my emotions.” - D.T., Student, Gallaudet University
  • "You were awesome..."-Kelsey M. Wilkes, West Virginia

  •  “Just wanted to send you my heart-felt thanks for interpreting the Sesame Street Show for our students. You brought the characters to life for our kids – you did a terrific job. Kudos to you.” -Michele Butler, South Carolina School for the Deaf and the Blind
  • “You are the most gifted sign language interpreter I’ve ever worked with.” -Pete Seeger

  • “Man, I just love working with you.” -Chuck Berry

  • “You are the best sign interpreter I’ve ever seen.” -Harold Leventhal, Agent, NYC

  • "Wow! What a wonderful addition to any production.  It appears to the audience as a constant and flowing dance, an exciting place to rest the eyes..." - M. , Rockford, ME
  • "As a professional interpreter in the entertainment field, he is a master at the art of conveying the music into sign language for the audience who are deaf and hard of hearing." - W.N. , Governor Baxter School for the Deaf

  • "You made me laugh when laughing was unthinkable.  You are a very caring person and a wonderful paramedic." - -F.S., Westbrook, Maine
  • “I’ve had cancer for three years.  You are the first person to explain what you are doing.  Thank you for treating me like a human being.” -R.D., Falmouth, Maine
  •  “You really understand cardiology and explain it to the patient better than most docs.” -T.M., MD, Hagerstown, Maryland
  • “You showed compassion and treated me with dignity and respect.  Thank you.” -L.N., Spartanburg, South Carolina

  • "Your passion is so amazing. Life University is so blessed to have you as an incredible teacher and mentor. You're like our own ASL Yoda... Very lucky to have you, we are!" -Sarah Hudak, Chiropractic Student

  • “I am enjoying your class, you are an excellent teacher.”
    Reginald C. Fallin, Washington Count Hospital 

  •  “Barry made all of us feel so comfortable. He was so positive and really ‘gets into’ this. I cannot believe how much I learned. I even feel comfortable using it.” -Darlene J. Hoffman

  •  “Thank you for you terrific presentation on ‘Basic Principles of Successful Fund Raising and Proposal Preparation.’ Your presentation was by far the most entertaining and informative of all the presentations I attended. I have already started applying several of your suggestions to my work.” -Tracy McReynolds, Director of Annual Giving, Presbyterian Healthcare Foundation

  •  “Thank you for offering to the people in our community a shoulder to lean on, especially to those of us who are rather clueless about the whole grant/fundraising process.” -Krista M. Lodter, Grants Coordinator, St. John’s Shelter

  •  “Thank you for you informative and entertaining Proposal Writing Workshop. I found your guide, The Funding Manual, to be a practical tool that cuts through the confusion of not only proposal writing but fund raising in general.” -Douglas Bush, Director, Stepping Stones, Arc of Washington County 

  • “I still can’t get ‘People only give to people’ out of my head. Many years ago I took one of your courses at GWU.” -Teresa R. Cunningham

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